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By partnering with American CBD Factory, your day will get a little easier. We live by the motto, “how can I make your day a little easier”, and this is how we approach every call. Providing supply chain management and logistics solutions, American CBD Factory delivers great value for your Express, LTL, Truckload and International Air and Ocean needs.

We aim to understand your specific logistics challenges that may be hindering your growth, then deliver custom-tailored solutions to help you reach your goals. Submit your information to schedule a Discovery Call today!

American CBD Factory is a proud member of the WCA, IATA and the TIA.


Transportation and Logistics are known for delays and challenges. Having a good partner to not only line up the initial solution but also help you overcome unforeseen challenges that arise is what differentiates us. We have more than 30 years’ experience in each mode of transportation we support, placing us in a prime position to overcome any challenges that transportation throws our way. Do you have a good logistics partner?

We have also developed a streamlined shipping system to handle all your express needs from an envelope to a multi-pallet shipment. This gives you complete control over selecting the right service for your budget. This system not only saves your money but also saves you time in your busy day.


American CBD Factory’s multi-modal offerings differentiate us because we have expertise in nearly every mode of transportation, making us a great single-source solution for many of our clients and partners. Our solutions include:

  • Express/Small Parcel – All of North America
  • LTL – All of North America
  • Expedite – All of North America
  • Truckload – All of North America
  • International Air and Ocean – Global
  • Heavy Haul – All of North America


American CBD Factory has its very own Express shipping platform that can handle Express and LTL across all of North America, as well as International Express shipping. With our system, you can enter the shipment details and be presented with multi-carrier solutions to choose from so you can select the best service for your budget. This platform will also give you automated tracking updates and allow you to view your invoices in a single portal.

Although Truckload and International transportation are far more manual, we utilize a cutting-edge Transportation Management Software (TMS) to manage your shipments and provide you with detailed Business Intelligence.


If one or more of the following apply to your business, you may need an outsourced partner:

  • The company has grown quickly and is constantly in catch up mode
  • In-house staff is devoting too much time to non-core competencies
  • Shipping into new markets by land, air or sea
  • Costs of keeping your transportation internally are on the rise
  • Transit times and efficiencies need improvement
  • Too many claims, too many problems
  • Delays and disruptions are keeping you from growing

U.S. TO U.S.

Our staff in North Carolina has over 40 years of experience in the transportation industry. We offer truckload and LTL services to all points across the US and Mexico – including through trailer services to Mexico.
Our team specializes in:

  • Dry Vans,
  • Flatbeds,
  • Step decks,
  • Double Drops
  • Stretch trailers: over width, overweight or requiring escort services.

We will consistently create value for our customers through outstanding service and a focus on continuous improvement. Our goal is to “Make your day a little easier”.